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    To Do

    Shopping - Dancing - Language - Learning - Photography - Academics - Ecotravel - Others


    Traditional hand crafts are pottery, candies and limestone carving. But, in Hidalgo Market first floor, one may also find leather, delicately sculptured wax, leather, metal, textiles, & wood from nearby towns.
  • Casa de Artesanías. A bit of every craft made in Guanajuato and surroundings.
  • Casa del Sol. Silverware
  • Casa del Conde de Valenciana. Good quality folk art shop with a cafe across the street from La Valenciana Church. 
  • Gorki Gonzalez' Pottery Workshop In Ex-Huerta de Montenegro s/n Pastita.(473) 731 0389.  One of the best in town.
  • Ojo de Venado. Wonderful folk art store in the Valenciana - across from the Casa del Conde.
  • Dancing

    • Pequeño Juan. 
    • (473) 732 2308.
    • Galería.
    • (473) 732 7933.
    • La Fragua.
    • (473) 732 2715.
    • Sancho's. 
    • (473) 732 1973.
    • La calle. 
    • (473) 733 1485.

    Spanish Learning

    The Guanajuato University offers crash courses in spanish that are always well demanded. Book in advance. Other option are private schools like Escuela Falcon & Instituto Miguel de Cervantes. And for the young, exchanges of language classes are very common.


    The following hints can be useful:
  • Panoramic views.- The so called Panoramic Road (Presa-Pastitos) affords spectacular views of the city and its neighboring countryside. Popular spots are from the Pipila, and from the Funicular (data) that runs from Juarez Theater to Pipila.
  • Ruins.- The best for black and white photography are San Gabriel de Barrera, Mellado, Rayas, Casa Mata, Noria Alta and the old mining works found on the dirt road to the Cubilete Mountain (La Luz & Santa Ana).
  • Donkeys.- Although rare in the city, still you can spot them carrying firewood near Santa Rosa in the Sierra.
  • Characters.- The small plazas around the Hidalgo Market are good spots when looking for folks wearing traditional costume.
  • Birds.- Many birds come up to Guanajuato high mountains to winter there. Good guides for birds watching and photograph can be got through the Fundacion Ecologica de Guanajuato A.C.
  • Music

    Almost every thursday and sunday, there is a concert by the Orquesta Sinfónica de la Universidad de Guanajuato. 
    The town is home of several musicians with  middle ages speciality. "Capella Guanajuatensis" and "Los Tiempos Pasados" are ones of the ensembles created, that play with old instruments.
    The city has four church pipe organs that are in good playing condition: Mellado, Basílica, La Compañia and Valenciana. 


    History buffs love the ghost towns and mining works left idle since the last bonanza. I.e. Marfil, Santa Ana, Mineral de la Luz, Duran, Pastita.

    Main underground street's walls enclosed very old buildings built at river level, abandoned by goverment orders just after two major disastrous floods in the XVIII century. Nowadays, next to Juarez Theater the former San Pedro Alcantar Monastery is being excavated out of tons of centuries old rubble. It can be seen through some windows.


    For the academics oriented, Guanajuato has research centers in Chemistry, Mathematics & Mining. But, for most, the University's Main Library is worth a visit. It's just half block from the main Tourist Office. As well as,  a guided tour (by the same astronomers - opens Sep to Apr) to La Luz Observatory right in the sierra.
    Architects would like to give a look to the Civil Engineering/Architecture School's building, just across street from Hidalgo Market. It's a real 3D maze!
  • Callejon Jalisco s/n Mineral de Valenciana Guanajuato, Gto. 
    Ph. (473) 732 7155 Fax. (473) 732 5749
  • Ms. Rosalia del Carmen Macias. Director Callejon del Truco # 12 
    36000 Guanajuato, Gto.
    Ph. (473) 732 1637 Fax. (473) 732 1433
  • Dr. Heinz Andernach. Jefe del Depto. de Astronomia
    Camino Valenciana- La Luz km 20. Guanajuato, Gto.
    Ph. (473) 732 9548 Fax: (473) 732 0253


    The barren hills which surround town once were covered with oak. The forest of the Santa Rosa Mountain Range with time has shrunk, but still covers part of the municipalities of Guanajuato, San Felipe, and Dolores Hidalgo. It begins just 5 km (3 mi) north of the city. 
    • Fundacion Ecologica de Guanajuato A.C. A wide variety of environmental programs, including a monthly bird-watching trip, are available.
    • Grupo Cacomixtle. Affordable trekking and hiking close to Guanajuato.
    • bikestationguanajuato@ (473) 114 20 31. Rent a Bike


    Other activities can be found on nearby industrial cities: Silao, Irapuato & Leon. An example is railfanning; Silao's GM assembly plant has huge yards with lots of action, though highly guarded.