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    Religious Art

  • Los Hospitales Church. First catholic parish of the city, next to the Indians Hospital. Built in 1560. 
  • San Diego Church. First works of oldest church in the place date from 1663. Its facade is from the late baroque period. Inside, a statue of Jesus Child in a glass cage is offered toys as votives. 
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  • Parish Church - Basilica of Our Lady of Guanajuato. Baroque church dated from 1671. The little statue of the patroness of the city was donated by King Philip II of Spain.

  • Philip II

    The local hero, Celedonio de Jarauta, is buried at the Faustina chapel.

  • San Juan de Rayas Church, Constructed under the first marquis of Rayas, Vicente Sardaneta y Legaspi, in the XVIII century. 

  • Cata Church. Next to Cata mining works. Finished in 1725. The Senor de Villaseca, one of the first images of crucifixed Christ brought from Europe is worshipped here. Tradition gives miraculous powers to the image and votive offerings are shown in a small chapel at right, first floor. 

  • Company of Jesus' Church. Architect Felipe Urena design with chirigueresque facade. Works lasted from 1747 to 1765. The restored painting collection in the sacristy is worth a visit. 

  • San Sebastian Church. Construction began in 1782.

  • San Cayetano (La Valenciana) Church, built in 1765-1788 by the richest man of the New Spain, the Valenciana Count, with the huge profits of the nearby mine, but never finished. Its richly baroque, Churrigueresque architecture is among the finest in the world. Oils by L. Monroy, c. XIX. Great acoustics to listen pipe organ works. Its Claustro was the first place in the Americas where simultaneusly were taught Latin, Greek and Hebrew. 

  • Ex-Hacienda of San Gabriel de Barrera. Former place for refining silver ores. Now a museum with an outstanding XVII Century art and furniture collection. The museum's jewel is the gilded open chapel.

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