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    Festivities & Folk Traditions

    Festivities - Traditions


    • Dolores Friday.- A week before Good Friday.

    • The Virgin of Dolores is miners' patroness and being Guanajuato a legendary mining town, her day is celebrated with altars, flowers and a popular festival in Jardin de la Union.
      The night before, all social clubs celebrate the Flowers' Ball 
    • Holy Week.- 

    • Some churches like the Company of Jesus' and San Roque still offer religious services, old spanish way.
      Being national holidays, cultural activities are run in plazas. The Universidad's Book Fair is held in San Fernando.
    • Our Lady of Guanajuato's Fest.- May 22th to 31th. 

    • Pilgrimages to the city's patroness. Fireworks and ancient folk dances are performed at La Paz square. 
    • Saint John & De la Olla Fest Jun 24. 
    • De la Olla Reservoir's Opening.- First monday of July

    • Folks celebrate the opening of the reservoir's gates with swimming and dive contests.
    • San Ignacio de Loyola's Day Jul 31th.

    • Long ago, it was to celebrate the day of the city's patron. It is also named "The Cave's Day". People go to the mountain, west of the Bufa, where there are some natural but short caves. It's picnic day for everyone. 
    • The Alhondiga Battle Sept 28th

    • The neighborhood of Santa Rosa enacts the famous battle.
    • Our Lady of Guadalupe Dec 12th.

    • People go serenading her sanctuary and giving off flowers.
    • Christmas time Last days of December.

    • Most families build at home a Nacimiento to celebrate Christ's birth. 
      Materials can be seen and obtained at San Fernando Plaza and near Hidalgo Market. 


    Most popular legends, for a few coins are sung by the children at main tourist attractions. 
    Anyway, tourist guides can explain oral tellings from colonial times (i.e. The crying woman, The kiss' alley, The good death's alley).

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